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Pathology Laboratory Lab in Lidcombe

Well it’s been a tough couple of months but MKD have finally completed the installation of Stainless Steel Mortuary benchwork at the new Pathology Laboratory Lab in Lidcombe. The Largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s had many ups and downs but we have persisted and I would like to thank all The Staff at MKD [...]

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Awarded Contract -WATPAC

Exciting things happening next year!! Brisbane based developer WATPAC Constructions has awarded MKD the Stainless-Steel bench work for the newly built NSW Forensic Pathology and Coroner's Court facility. This exciting project is a collaboration between NSW Health and NSW Department of Justice at Lidcombe, Western Sydney.

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Progress Pics – The Lure

With the countdown to Christmas closing in the guys are all GO GO GO in the factory! This time its for The Lure - Coogee Beach. You will see a 10 off 1/1 gastronorm pan cold well and a 5 off 1/1 gastronorm pan fish display.

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